#GOOB, standing for ‘Good Out Of Bad’, was an exhibition designed, curated and delivered for the charity Shift.ms

The exhibition showcased the work of three artists who were living with multiple sclerosis. They were tasked with responding to the brief ‘Good Out Of Bad’, giving their perspective of living with Ms through their work.

Both the exhibition and the accompanying digital campaign were designed to encourage people diagnosed with MS to focus on ‘post-traumatic growth’; the idea that a trauma can trigger positive actions, such as the achievement of life goals or a re-focus on what is important.

As part of the project I worked across various roles including:
– artist mentoring;
– production of artwork;
– branding;
– design and production of exhibition assets and digital campaign;
– curation and set-up of exhibition; and
– production of video content.

The project can be read about on BBC News, while the printed material developed for the exhibition won ‘Newspaper of the month‘ at the Newspaper club.