A form of citizen journalism in health, MS Reporters began as a bridge between people living with MS and the information held by the scientific research community.

Health information is typically top-down, hard to reach for people living with health conditions or not relevant to their needs.

The MS Reporters video interview format serves to connect knowledge holders with the community it serves and through conversation, break down expert information into a relevant and relatable format.

Working at the Charity Shift.ms, my role was to develop the format and take it from a small collection of videos, to a recognisable and repeatable format and brand that provided those watching with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their condition. 

Over the last five years of my involvement, MS Reporters videos have accrued over 1.5 million views. An independent evaluation indicated that 90.1% of viewers saw value in content being peer-led, while 79% were
more confident about managing their MS.

The MS Reporters model has received repeat funding from Wellcome Trust and has seen extensive commercial success. On the back of successes in the MS field, the format is being piloted in three new health conditions.