In 2017 and 2019 I led team responsible for developing and delivering a festival for young people with Multiple Sclerosis, ‘MS Sessions’.

MS Sessions was designed to disrupt the traditional health conference format in order to have the greatest possible impacts on participants; 150 people from across Europe, under the age of forty and living with MS.

Alongside the branding of the festival, I offered creative direction in developing a vibrant, punchy line-up of short ‘sessions’ designed to keep an audience susceptible to fatigue engaged throughout a two-day programme.

The tone of MS Sessions was set in the written and spoken branding, while the event was branded as a ‘festival’ with lineups, headline acts and launch parties rather than language associated with a traditional conference.

Over the course of the two festivals, I managed the design and production of digital and physical assets; the ambition was to use the look and feel of the festival to create vibrant spaces that foster new and meaningful connections.

This involved site visits, drawing up mockups and production plans, while being on-site to lead the final delivery.

The full report for MS Sessions can be viewed here.