As part of my service design role at the charity, I lead a review of the journey and needs of those diagnosed with long term health conditions, and the role of peer-to-peer learning in health.

The self-driven review included:

1. researching into the psychosocial needs of individuals in order to understand the context of a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis;

2. workshopping with individuals living with MS and collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative research to understand and prioritise the needs that addresses as a service; and

3. assessing the latest research into peer-to-peer support to help understand and validate our position as a service in the wider health-information landscape.

A series of blogs were written as a means of collecting my thoughts at each stage of the process:

Y Tho
‘Sometimes it’s important to hit the brakes, take stock and ask a simple question…why?’

Psychosocial What
‘We’re all people and as soon as that’s forgotten, we end up designing things that are a bit…well, alien.

I need [x] so that [y]
‘After building my framework I started looking at user needs.’

On the back of the review, I developed a presentation blueprint that has been delivered multiple times by the charity and serves as current summary of why it does what it does.

The work has also gone on the form the foundation of’ organisational objectives and evaluation methodologies, along with service development and content production.